Pile Foundation Project of Coking Energy-saving Technology Improvement Project of Xinyang Iron and Steel Jingang Energy Co.

2022-6-13 14:51:05

The project site is located in Mingang Town, Xinyang City, and the geomorphological type of the site is Huaihe River Basin Alluvial Zone. Commissioned by Xinyang Iron and Steel Jingang Energy Co., Ltd, our company was responsible for the pile foundation construction of this project. The pile type is bored piles with diameters of 600/800/1000mm, and the pile length is 16~31m, with a total of 10,655 piles, using the construction technology of reinforced concrete bored piles and piles constructed by inserting reinforcement after long spiral drilling and filling.


The project started on February 21, 2021 and was completed on March 21, 2022, with a total duration of 375 days. At the peak of construction in May 2021, we used 9 rotary drilling rigs and completed about 70 piles per day. Due to the large workload of pile location survey and setting out, the efficiency of using total station is low, which affects the construction progress, the intelligent piling system was introduced after research. After the introduction of the intelligent piling system, a comparison test was conducted with the piles surveyed and set out by total station to verify the accuracy and efficiency of the intelligent piling system, and summarize the use experience in time during the project implementation to lay a good foundation for further promoting the application of the intelligent piling system. In this project, three rebar cage rolling machines were used for hoop winding, which improved the work efficiency and rdfyingyeced personnel input, and ensured the construction progress.

With the efforts of all the construction personnel in the project department, the project completed all the construction contents on schdfyingyele with quality and quantity, meeting the design and specification requirements. 30% low strain tests and 5% high strain tests were conducted on various parts of the project, and the test results met the requirements. The quality inspection of each sub-project was assessed as qualified. 

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