Pile Construction for EPC General Contracting Project of New Construction of Ganzhe Guohua Xinfeng Power Plant

2022-6-13 14:46:01

The project is located in Jiangxi Province, jointly invested by Ganzhe Energy Co., Ltd. and Beijing Guohua Power Co., Ltd. Our company was responsible for the pile foundation construction of the project, the pile foundation adopted reinforced concrete bored piles, of which 102 piles with a diameter of 600mm and 509 piles with a diameter of 800mm, the length of the bored piles is based on the pile end bearing layer of (6-2) layer of moderately weathered muddy siltstone, the depth of the pile full section into the bearing layer is 3d (d is the pile diameter).

The project started on April 09, 2020, and completed on September 04, 2020, meeting the requirements of the contract period.

This project adopted the drilling method without slurry, and used the specially manufactured drill bit to clean the bottom of the hole after the hole was completed. In order to ensure the quality of the hole, the bottom of the hole was tamped with a tamper after the slag cleaning was completed. During the construction, the project department has made sediment detecting rods and used them for all piles with a pile length of less than 6m. Through field verification, the sediment is less than 50mm as required by the design, and the sediment at the bottom of the hole meets the design requirements. The above construction methods are applicable to the drilling method without slurry and can effectively clean the sediment at the bottom of the hole.

After the completion of the project, the owner entrusted a third-party pile foundation testing unit to conduct the test, through the vertical static load test, high strain test, low strain test and coring test, 611 piles passed the inspection at one time, meeting the quality requirements of the contract. 

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