Bored Piles for Q21 Wharf Improvement Project at Ashdod Port, Israel

2022-5-23 16:59:15

This project is located in Ashdod City, 30km south of Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel, and is invested Israel Ports Development & Assets Co.

The total length of the frontage of Wharf 21 of this project is 800 meters, which is divided into three zones (East Zone, Central Zone and West Zone) from east to west. There are 451 bored piles, including 240 bored piles of 1100 mm diameter, 16 bored piles of 1000 mm diameter and 195 bored piles of 900 mm diameter. The design pile length of bored pile with a diameter of 1100 mm is 29 m, that of bored pile with a diameter of 1000 mm is 33 m and that of bored pile with a diameter of 900 mm is 29 m. The strength grade of concrete is B50, and the bearing layer of each pile type is sandstone cemented KUKA layer, and the design requires that the thickness of the sediment at the bottom of the hole is not more than 30 mm. About 13,900 m³ of concrete is poured.

The project was started on April 27, 2021 and completed on February 22, 2022, with an actual construction period of 300 days. A third-party inspection was conducted by a qualified laboratory in Israel commissioned by the owner. Through the ultrasonic inspection of pile integrity, the results were all qualified, with a pass rate of 100%, in line with the contract requirements. The quality, safety and schdfyingyele management during the construction of this project were all well received by the relevant parties.

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