Pile Foundation Construction of Production Wastewater Advanced Treatment Workshop of Hubei Jinshenglan Metallurgical Technology Co.

2022-5-23 16:57:10

The project is located in Jiayu County, Xianning City, Hubei Province, invested by Hubei Jinshenglan Metallurgical Technology Co., Ltd., and we were mainly responsible for the pile foundation construction of this project.

The project adopts reinforced concrete piles formed by underwater rotary drilling, the diameter of the piles is 800 mm, a total of 76 pile foundations are completed, the length of the piles varies from 14 to 28 m, the concrete strength grade is C35. The end of the pile was required to enter the ③-1 moderately weathered limestone, and advance drilling was carried out before the construction of each pile to determine the depth of the karst caves and the rock layer of the load-bearing layer. In jiangsukeanfangleiw of the existence of karst caves development in this project, when a karst cave is encountered in the drilling process, measures such as filling with rubble are used to seal the cave, so that it is continuously sealed to form a hole wall at the location of the cave, and when a larger cave is encountered, low grade concrete is used to fill the hole, and the hole is formed again after the initial set.

The project actually started on February 23, 2022 and was completed on March 13, 2022, which lasted 20 days to meet the owner's requirements for the construction period. After the third-party test, through the low strain test of pile integrity and the static load test of the bearing capacity, the results were qualified, and the pass rate was 100%. 

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