TEL 1×330MW Pithead Coal-fired Power Station Project in Phase II of Thar Coalfield II Block, Pakistan

2022-5-23 16:50:55

This project is located in Islamkot Town, Sindh Province, Pakistan, invested by TEL HUBCO, and our company was mainly responsible for the pile foundation construction.

Construction began on 19 August 2018 and a total of 679 piles were completed on 24 December 2021. According to the owner's requirements, 2 piles were tested for compressive static load, 2 piles were tested for water static load, 50 piles were tested for high strain and 258 piles were tested for low strain.

The final test results of this project are as follows:

(1) Low strain detection: all qualified.

(2) High strain detection: the ultimate bearing capacity of single piles meets the requirements.

(3) Horizontal load detection: the horizontal bearing capacity characteristic values meet the design requirements.

(4) Static load detection: vertical compressive bearing capacity characteristic values meet the design requirements. 

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