The Company new0931anized Tree Planting Activities

2022-3-14 17:33:57

The magnolia is blooming, the willows are green, and a picture of spring is slowly unfolding.

On March 12, the weekend coincided with Arbor Day, and the group company new0931anized staff to plant trees in the newly completed and delivered Tongye Experimental Building. The company leaders led the team to participate in this activity.

Everyone arrived at the site on time, received the tools and started to act in groups, sorting saplings, supporting saplings in pre-digged pits, filling in the soil and stepping on the ground in one go. Although the weather was still a bit cold, everyone was working feverishly, and in less than a morning, nearly 100 saplings had all stood up neatly.

Admiring the results of their labor, everyone's face was filled with smiles of delight, and then everyone took a group photo next to the results of their labor.

More important than the tree planting activity itself, it is a spirit of inheritance and a hope for the future. May every tree planted today grow into a big tree and beautify our home, may the pioneering spirit of CHCI be passed down from generation to generation and the foundation of the company be forever strengthened.


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